having an idea for an au but the au is longer than anything you have ever done or wanted to do 


give me more cute boys who get into fights

dedicated 2 jas 

phone doodles because this boy deserves all the happiness in the world and all the warm blankets and all the chocolate milk

Your blog is so adorable ^u^

aw, thank you!! ;w;;

i hope everyones had a lovely and great christmas/otherwise!!


h…..hi there

my parents are having trouble paying bills, like the electricity bill and the heating as well, and although they dont want me to ‘worry about it’ but the stress in the house i… it’s really making me anxious. i’m also having trouble finding a job, and doing commissions is really the only way i can do anything for them right now as well as support myself.

so i’m going to do stuff.

although before i get onto that i’d also like to say that there’s a lil donate button on my blog, and any help you can give is very much appreciated!! even like $1 would help!!

anyway. yes. anyway the commission prices and important info are under the cut:

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I don't have money on paypal right now but as soon as I do can you do that commission thingy?

sure sure!! that’s cool, dont worry about it uwu

>listening to blow by beyonce
>thinks “ah, i need to draw kurt and post things ive done and i keep forgetting”
>thinks about kurt singing blow by beyonce
>literally slams fist into wall